Email Accounts
Multiple email accounts are available. See the respective business or residential plans for details.

The transmission of data over the wireless Internet spectrum is secure. The Wi-Power spectrum has been used in the past for military communications because it is difficult to detect or interfere with. Wireless Internet is far more secure than many wireline broadband competitors. However, as with any broadband Internet connection, the customer has a constant open connection to the Internet and is, therefore, subject to any and all forms of Internet attack. Consumers are responsible to protect their computer. Installing antivirus software and a firewall will help protect your computer from damaging viruses.

Internet Security Software
Norton AntiVirus
Avast: AntiVirus
Lavasoft Ad-aware (free)

Wi-Power® High-Speed Internet



Wi-Power’s high-speed access allows you to surf the net faster than traditional dial-up. Save time doing all your favorite online activities including: paying bills, shopping, auctions, researching, planning travel, sharing photos and gaming.

It’s Easy
24/7 customer service. No need for an extra phone line, cable or satellite. Trained technicians install all equipment needed for Wi-Power Internet.

Always On
Wireless Internet is an “always on” technology. There is no phoneline, cable or satellite involved. You do not have to wait for your modem to dial up; just open your browser and you are on the Internet.

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