About Wi-Power® High-Speed Internet

What is it?
Wi-Power is secure high-speed wireless access designed to provide consumers with additional choices. It is the next generation of Internet connectivity for residential and business customers. Wi-Power gives consumers access to high-speed broadband Internet service that allows users to surf up to 60 times faster than traditional dial-up Internet access. This is what you have been waiting for!



How does it Work?
Wi-Power connects to the Internet with speeds starting at 256 Kbps. Using state of the art synchronized transmissions, the Wi-Power network uses technology that addresses the unique challenges of rural communities. Customers connect to our network using an antenna and modem located at their residence or business. Signals are transmitted to a base station typically located up to 10 miles away. From the base station, the signals are sent through our Network Operations Centers (NOCs) which are positioned on the Internet backbone.












What can it do for you?
Wi-Power offers high-speed connectivity to the Internet without the use of cables, phone lines or satellites. Alternative Internet access products are sometimes limited when it comes to connection speed and reliability. Applications such as DSL (digital subscriber line) are limited to facilities belonging to the local phone company. Many areas do not have cable access available, and satellite connections are expensive and subject to signal delays and weather conditions. The Wi-Power network offers reliable, proven technology that is easy to install and upgrade.

How do I subscribe for this service ?
Wi-Power is being offered by Power Cooperatives throughout the United States, giving consumers additional broadband choices combined with the stability of a trusted Utility provider. To find out if Wi-Power is offered in your area, please call 1-877-877-6861.

Competitive Comparison

Installation Process
Wi-Power customer premise equipment is installed and maintained by certified TWN field technicians. Installation is fast and convenient, our technicians test connection speeds prior to installation and complete all required steps to install and set-up the wired connection.

Standard installations require approximately two hours to complete. Wi-Power connections are compatible with any PC using a Windows, Mac, or Linux operating system, with TCP/IP options enabled, and any Pentium or above processor equipped with a network port.

































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